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Managing Cash
The success of your business is dependent upon your ability to understand, identify and address your financial needs. With our free Financial Health…
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Financial Analysis
The KSBDC has access to several small business financial analysis tools to help you analyze your business from a financial perspective, compare your…
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Business Plans
Tips on creating a business plan from the Washington SBDC.
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Marketing and Research
Marketing and research tips from the Washington SBDC.
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Live Webinars & Recordings
Live and recording webinars from the Virginia SBDC.
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Understanding your financials and how to use the information they contain is critical for all business owners and managers. These resources from SBDC…
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Funding Your Business
Getting the funding you need to manage and grow your business is never easy. These resources from SBDC Washington are designed to help you better…
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Instructional Video Series
Instructional videos from SBDC Washington.
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Podcast Series
Podcast episodes from SBDC Washington
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Financial Templates
A collection of financial templates from SBDC Pacific Islands Network
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Business Plan Outline Guide
A guide to creating and outlining your business plan.
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A Guide to Buying Commercial Real Estate
This guide from SBDC Tennessee goes over buying commercial real estate.
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Marketing Concepts
This video goes over marketing concepts.
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Attracting Customers
How to attract customers to your business.
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3 Rules for Naming a Business
3 Rules for naming a business from SBDC at WTAMU.
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Average Fixed, Variable, and Marginal Costs
Explore how to think about average fixed, variable, and marginal costs, and how to calculate them, using a firm's production function and costs.
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IRS Publication 463 - Travel, Entertainment, Gift & Car Expense
Information from the IRS on travel, entertainment, gift, and car expenses.
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Accounting System and the Accounting Basics
Articles about finance for small businesses.
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Free eLearning Videos
Videos from SBDC Colorado.
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Free Business Videos
Free videos from SBDC Mississippi.
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