About SBDC

About SBDC
SBDC staff at conference table

Each year, 3,000 small businesses in approximately 200 New Hampshire communities benefit from the advising and educational programs offered by the NH SBDC.

There is no one blueprint for owning a small business. Each is different and comes with its unique challenges, regardless of whether your business is in its first year or celebrating its 20th anniversary. Since 1984, our mission has been to recognize those differences and help small businesses by providing expert guidance and education. SBDC’s dedicated team of certified business advisors delivers highly individualized, confidential advising at no charge to enterprises across New Hampshire, from the towns along the Connecticut River to the Seacoast to the North Country and every point in between. The SBDC annually impacts 3,000 small businesses and 200 New Hampshire communities.
We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach that allows clients to access our entire team of advisors and provides clients with the best possible experience and service. NH SBDC is the trusted resource small businesses have turned to for guidance, assurance, and straight answers for 37 years. During that time, NH SBDC has advised or trained more than 106,000 New Hampshire entrepreneurs, helping them to start over 2,100 businesses, take over 18,000 eCourses, raise over $261M in capital infusion, and support more than 14,000 jobs.
Owning a small business is challenging. Growing it can be complex. We can help.