2023 Resiliency Academy for Small Business and Communities

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Join us at NH SBDC’s 2023 Resiliency Academy
Take a deeper dive into three specific areas of resiliency:
Cybersecurity, Sustainability, and Inclusivity.

ou will learn how these issues are affecting your bottom line, brand image, and ability to attract and retain workers, and how to protect your organization from unplanned disruptions. Each session will have expert guest speakers, interactive exercises, and networking. Resiliency Academy brings together small businesses, non-profits, and community leaders working toward a resilient future. 

The Academy is free to attend with breakfast and lunch included, but registration is required.  Join us for one, two, or all three sessions. 

Resiliency planning is not strictly about emergency operations and continuity plans. Building long term resilience is far more encompassing. It's about making your business or organization stronger, more well-rounded, interesting to a diverse clientele, and sustainable in the face of change and disruption. 

~ Liz Gray, State Director, NH SBDC


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In today's digital landscape, prioritizing cybersecurity is vital for small businesses. Safeguarding your sensitive data and customer information not only protects your business from potential breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage but also instills trust among your customers and constituents. By investing in cybersecurity measures, you're demonstrating your commitment to maintaining a secure environment, ensuring uninterrupted operations, and positioning your business for sustained growth.

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Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, religious or political beliefs is a strategic move that enhances your company's culture and competitiveness in today's dynamic business landscape. Embracing a diverse workforce and fostering an inclusive workplace creates an environment where all employees feel valued and empowered, and builds a strong foundation for collaboration, employee satisfaction, and overall business success. 

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Implementing sustainable practices not only minimizes negative impacts on the environment and society but also leads to cost savings, competitive advantages, and positive brand image. By prioritizing sustainability, small businesses can attract environmentally conscious customers, retain top talent, and navigate regulatory changes more effectively. Ultimately, sustainability isn't just a choice; it's a strategic imperative that ensures resilience, innovation, and a positive contribution to the well-being of both the business and the planet.

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What is resiliency? 

Resiliency for your business or non-profit is the ability to quickly adapt and respond to business disruptions and protect your employees and assets, while maintaining business operations. Every organization regardless of size, industry, or stage of growth needs a resiliency plan because at some point it will face an unexpected disruption, like a cyber-attack, flood, fire, loss of a key employee, or pandemic.

Community resiliency is the ability of a community to respond, adapt, withstand and recover from adverse situations, like a natural disaster or pandemic. To strengthen and prepare for future disruptions, communities should consider resilience topics in their planning. Communities can also learn about business resiliency to help strengthen businesses in their community.

Resources for Resiliency Planning

Resiliency Guidebook                                    Resiliency Plan Template