Business Sustainability Program

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The NH SBDC’s Business Sustainability Program (BSP) provides one-on-one confidential business advising in the areas of environmental management, energy efficiency, employee safety, and other issues that impact business sustainability. The goal of the BSP is to help the business owner adopt best management practices to reduce risk to operations, increase profitability, and enhance the value of their company.  

BSP advisors offer on-site assessments to determine where a business can maximize profitability through sustainable practices. Advisors can help businesses to enhance resiliency and preparedness, implement efficient energy systems, consider environmentally friendly purchasing, focus on other industry-tailored initiatives that support sustainability, improve waste management and material storage practices, assess air emissions, and develop workplace safety programs. NH SBDC’s network of partners can provide additional resources to help businesses meet their goals.

If you would like to improve your business’ bottom line, engage your customers and employees, save money, and contribute to a more sustainable world, then please reach out to a BSP advisor for more information on how to get started. Fill out the form and click Business Sustainability Program when it asks for which topic you would like to meet with an SBDC advisor.

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What is Sustainability?

Consumers prefer businesses that focus on their impact on the community. By being a sustainable business, you can enhance your brand and bottom line, maximize profits and productivity, increase employee retention and recruitment, and reduce your carbon footprint. Adopting sustainable practices increases the value of your company.

Focusing on what's important to you and your stakeholders (employees, customers, community) creates value for your company. Business management standards like ensuring compliance with laws and regulations are at one end of the sustainability spectrum while bringing about social and environmental change are at the other end. Somewhere in the middle are business policies that improve operations, protect and engage employees, and contribute to the community at large. Whatever stage you are at, SBDC's Business Sustainability Program can help you develop sustainability practices.

To meet the growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products and services, according to Neilson, many businesses in the U.S have adapted their business models to focus more on sustainability. In doing so, they have not only gained a competitive advantage over other businesses but have also increased their customer base and profits significantly. In a 52-week study comparing consumer purchasing habits for coffee, chocolate and bath products, the weighted average of all three categories showed 3% more growth for sustainable products. This study validates how capitalizing on consumer preferences for sustainability can boost your top-line revenue growth and your profitability at the same time.[1]

Neilson Study: consumers & sustainability 


Energy Efficiency for Small Businesses

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Assessing where and how much energy is used in your business is the first step to becoming more energy efficient and a great first move to becoming a more sustainable business. 

By developing an energy plan a business can save money and minimize their carbon emissions. Additionally, communicating your efficiency project tells everyone that you value the community and the environment. Furthermore, when your business uses less energy the utility can service more customers without increasing their production. It is a true win-win-win!

There are many ways for a business to be more energy efficient, whether it be switching your fluorescent and conventional lighting to LED, updating to more efficient equipment, undertaking weatherization or HVAC improvements, or investing in renewable energy systems. SBDC advisors can help you get your arms around your energy plan and help you investigate the right energy solutions for your company.