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A Guide to Choosing the Right Small Business Loan
Business News Daily's guide to small business loans.
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A Guide to Financial Resources for Small Business in North Carolina
This guide provides information about financial resources available to small businesses.
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Balance Sheet Template
Balance Sheet template form in Excel.
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Business Financial Planning
This section provides an overview of the essential components of financial planning and management. Used wisely, it will make the reader - the small business owner/manager - familiar enough with the fundamentals to have a fighting chance of success in today's highly competitive business environment.
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Calculating Startup Costs
Looking at startup costs through the example of a coffee shop.
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Capital Compass
Capital Compass® was designed to help you understanding the factors that affect what type of business loan or investment might best fit you and your business - debt, equity or royalty. Capital Compass® is not designed to make decisions for you. It was developed by the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund and its Vested for Growth program.
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Capital Connection
If you're looking for money for starting a business you've come to the right place. More business start-ups fail from not having enough money for business financing than any other reason. Business start-up financing is available but sometimes isn't easy to find.
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Cash Flow Excel Sheet Template
This cash flow Excel sheet includes formulas for cash on hand and received, total receipts, cash available, cash paid out, and cash position.
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Cash Flow Template - 13 Week
Template to project cash flow for a quarter (13 weeks and to project for 6 months).
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Determining a Sustainable Growth Rate
A quick way to determine a sustainable growth rate using profitability, variable assets and variable liabilities.
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