Inclusivity Commitment

 SBDC is committed to making sure everyone feels welcome, valued, and respected,
no matter who they are or where they come from.

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At NH SBDC, our commitment to inclusivity is infused into our culture. For four decades, we've proudly helped all who walked in our doors. We acknowledge the systemic barriers that have hindered business owners from underserved communities from fully engaging with the opportunities available to them, and we are doing more to reach them. 

Through strategic partnerships across the Granite State, we're extending our reach to bring business advising and educational programs to underserved communities, fostering connections and empowering entrepreneurs to thrive. Our Inclusivity Commitment Director is on board to ensure that this is happening!

How do I get help with my business?

No matter who you are, but especially if you come from a diverse background, we’re dedicated to providing you with confidential, individualized business advising and educational programs. We want you to feel welcomed and supported as you navigate your business journey. 

An SBDC advisor can help you, whether you are starting a business or already own a business. They can help you develop a business plan, think through your cash flow, and figure out plans for funding your business, bringing in more customers, and paying yourself.

If you're ready to take the next step in your business journey, we invite you to click the Request Advising button below so SBDC can support you in turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. 


Building partnerships across the state to reach more current and future business owners from diverse backgrounds 


Loick Muyuka
Loick Muyuka
Inclusivity Commitment Director

I’m excited to be part of this initiative because of the great impact we are having not only with individuals but also with families. SBDC offers professional services that many businesses in underserved communities thought they couldn’t afford, but we offer them free of charge. The best part about the inclusivity program is that we are looking forward to breaking barriers and obstacles that some communities might face and really become one global village, businesswise. We want to restore humanity in the business world, where everyone’s voice is heard, and no one is left behind.


SBDC is actively nurturing partnerships with community and non-profit leaders who share our vision of reaching more small businesses in New Hampshire with business advising and other programs. In the fall of 2023, we convened a gathering that saw the participation of thirty-two community and non-profit leaders committed to bridging the gap between underserved communities and vital business resources. Among them were individuals representing diverse segments of our state, including those serving the New American, BIPOC, rural, disabled, and LGBTQ+ communities. 

Facilitated by our Inclusivity Commitment Director, Loick Muyuka, these partners are laying the groundwork for countless meaningful connections with businesses within underserved communities. We envision a future where every entrepreneur in New Hampshire, regardless of background, has access to the resources and guidance they need for their business to thrive.  

If your organization would like to know more about the partnership resource hub, please contact Loick at

Client & Partner Quotes

Shelly Lyons Coaching
Shelly Lyons Coaching
Salem, NH


“By being curious about how to partner with me in ways that will be most effective for me, taking the time to understand my business and the support I was requesting, Hollis McGuire (SBDC business advisor), out of the gate, created a safe neuro inclusive space that supported me in those first few months of launching my business.”

- Shelly Lyons
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paolo monaco
Monaco Company LLC &
BRAUSA Trading Company LLC
Londonderry, NH

“Anyone who comes from abroad to the US and wants to open a business or has a business already and is facing any challenges, seek help from the SBDC. They have all the answers you can possibly imagine.” 

- Paolo Monaco

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“NH SBDC has assisted ICC in many ways. With regular meetings, SBDC provides advising services towards every ICC project by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of products, services, and events.”

- Raude Raychel
Read their Partner Profile here


With support from the CARES Act and the SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program, SBDC launched our Inclusivity Commitment. In 2022, we focused our outreach and program efforts in Southern NH communities to expand support to BIPOC and New American businesses through individualized business advising and education.

In 2023 we continued that work with our Community Liaisons Rafael Calderon and Lidia Yen and our dedicated Business Advisor Andrea O’Brien. We formalized partnerships with the Business Alliance for People of Color and the Indonesian Community Connect by signing MOUs. Over 100 people registered for Resiliency Academy’s Inclusivity Day, bringing business, non-profit, and community leaders together to learn about inclusive belonging practices. 

Leading up to Inclusivity Day, we also hosted a listening and learning session with the help of Marnita’s Table from Minneapolis, MN. Thirty-two community and non-profit leaders interested in connecting underserved communities with business services and resources participated. The audience included leaders from around the state who work with businesses in the New American, BIPOC, rural, disabled, and LGBTQ+ communities.