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Amy with client

Our team of certified business advisors provides highly individualized, confidential advising at no charge to NH enterprises. Advisors can work with a client throughout the life cycle of the business and at every stage of growth. Whether the business is just starting, seeking capital, bringing new products to market, improving operations, or exiting through a sale or generational transition, SBDC advisors can help clients achieve their goals.

We work regionally, with locations around the state so that entrepreneurs can easily access our services. Additionally, advisors utilize technology to engage with clients, which makes connecting easier. With 235 years of multi-industry and operational experience among the team, clients can benefit from co-advising expertise within the team.

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My business advisor provided market and demographic information that was crucial in developing and executing my business plan. The market data helped the bank decide to fund me. They knew I wasn’t going to just stand up the business and watch it fall to the ground. - Grant Broom, College H.U.N.K.S

Grant Broom

I really didn’t know where to start. I just began looking for some local resources that could help. Our SBDC business advisor was wonderful in assisting me. We use our advisor as a sounding board to make sure we make the best decisions we can. - Vivian Cubilla-Lindblom, Maple Nut Kitchen Swanzey

Vivian Cubilla-Lindblom

My business advisor has seen us through a number of storms, and this is just the most recent one. He helped us get focused on all the information the government was throwing at us. He had a better handle on where it was all going than I did, so that was great. - Peter van Berkum, Van Berkum Nursery

Peter van Berkum