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Scenario Planning
A look at strategical planning for different future scenarios.
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Understanding Basic Bookkeeping and Working with an Accountant
Learn about business accounting methods.
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5 Essential Forecasting Techniques
Better forecasts lead to better business decisions. Here are a few approaches to forecasting sales.
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Forecasting Sales for Startup Business
Learn more about financing a business launch.
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A Guide to Choosing the Right Small Business Loan
Business News Daily's guide to small business loans.
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Breakeven Analysis Calculator
The break even analysis calculator is designed to demonstrate how many units of your product must be sold to make a profit.
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Inc. - Financial Ratios
An article by Inc. looking at financial ratios.
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YouTube - Financial Ratios Lecture
A YouTube video by gordonhensley that goes over financial ratios.
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Three Core Financial Statements: 4 Parts
Balance Sheet and Income Statement Relationship. Created by Sal Khan.
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Depreciation and Amortization
An example of depreciation and amortization using the example of expensing a truck.
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Gross and Operating Profit - Income Statement
Difference between gross profit, operating profit, and net income. Created by Sal Khan.
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Introduction to the Income Statement
The income statement, revenue, gross profit, operating profit, net income, ROA and ROE. Created by Sal Khan.
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Improving Customer Support with Your Website
Customer support is very important to increasing future sales. This article goes over how to improve your customer support efforts with your website.
Customer service Grow
Providing Great Customer Service Through Social Media
A look at how to use social media to provide customer service.
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Ultimate Guide to Measuring Customer Satisfaction
This article looks over how to measure customer satisfaction.
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Overcoming Common Customer Objections
How to deal with common customer objections.
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Everyone Should be Feeling the Customer's Pain
Learn the importance of understanding your customers.
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7 Best Ways to Gather Customer Loyalty
A look at the importance of customer loyalty.
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How to Create a Customer Service Plan
There is a revolution where customers reward the companies that satisfy their needs and expectations and attack those that are not responsive to…
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How to Use E-mail to Improve Customer Service
Learn how to use e-mail to improve customer service with this article from Inc.
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