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Business Model Canvas
Business Model Canvas is a business plan tool. It is a one-page visual outline of your business.
Business planning, Starting a business Think, Launch
Cash Flow Excel Sheet Template
This cash flow Excel sheet includes formulas for cash on hand and received, total receipts, cash available, cash paid out, and cash position.
Accounting/Money management, Business planning, Financing a business, Growing a business, Starting a business Think, Launch, Grow
Estimated Sales & Earnings Template
Excel template for projecting three years of sales and net profit.
Starting a business Launch
Estimated Start-up Costs Template
Excel template for estimating start-up costs for a new business or product line.
Starting a business Launch
Evaluating Your Business Idea
A fill-in .pdf to help you examine your business idea and determine your potential for success before you spend time and money developing a business ...
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Forms of Business Organization Chart
This chart compares the forms of business organization.
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Leasing Commercial Space
Information about buying or leasing business property.
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