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Talk, interviews, and conversation focused on local, state-wide, and the national business community, with co-hosts Don Byrne, Biz Prep Consulting and Andrea O'Brien, NH Small Business Development Center (bios below).

Capital Compass

Capital Compass® was designed to help you understanding the factors that affect what type of business loan or investment might best fit you and your business - debt, equity or royalty. Capital Compass® is not designed to make decisions for you. It was developed by the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund and its Vested for Growth program.

Post-NEPD 2017 Quick Survey


  • Developing Your Referral Base
  • How Are Industry and Demographic Trends Changing Your Client Base
  • Advising Mature Businesses Prior to Sale
  • Effective Education & Training: In-person, Online, Creating Your Own, Purchasing from Outside – What’s Working?
  • Effective Strategies for Using Student Interns
  • Best Practices for Co-Counseling
  • Good Questions to Ask In-Business Clients – Good Conversation Starters
  • Working With Millennials



  • Advising Creative Economy Clients
  • Human Resources - Advising Clients on Hiring
  • Valuing Businesses for Performance Measurement
  • Advising Start-ups on Intellectual Property
  • Working Session on the Business Model Canvas
  • The Business of Craft Brewing - Financial Discussion 2.0
  • Alternative Financing - venture, private, online
  • Working Session - Tools (the power of presence, restaurant, business resiliency)
  • Helping Your Clients Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Cybersecurity
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Solving the 'pain points' of today's physical therapists

At the rate he’s going, Quinn Worden may become the Bill Gates of his industry by the time he’s 30 years old.  Recently awarded the Small Business Administration’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year for New Hampshire and New England, that's not outside of the realm of possibility.

Quinn’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked in college, and as a witness to the “pain points” his father, a Plaistow-based physical therapist in private practice, experienced at his work.  “I just wanted to help him improve his business performance,” Quinn says now about his father.