Solving the 'pain points' of today's physical therapists

At the rate he’s going, Quinn Worden may become the Bill Gates of his industry by the time he’s 30 years old.  Recently awarded the Small Business Administration’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year for New Hampshire and New England, that's not outside of the realm of possibility.

Quinn’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked in college, and as a witness to the “pain points” his father, a Plaistow-based physical therapist in private practice, experienced at his work.  “I just wanted to help him improve his business performance,” Quinn says now about his father.

Unleashing a company’s value sets it on the right path

Alix Marcoux-DiLorenzo knew that she was providing a valuable service to pet owners in the Gilford area, but she really didn’t know what her company’s value was until she had a few meetings with an NH SBDC business advisor.

She explains that when her business, Homeward Bound Animal Care, was new, she “offered everything to everybody” - dog walking, cat sitting, and in-home pet-boarding - and she wasn’t really sure what she should charge.  

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What is #SBDCDay?

1984 was a good year. Under Governor John H. Sununu, the NH SBDC was founded in New Hampshire. The first programs were started as pilots in 1979, and by 1984 most states had an SBDC. The program was already beginning to show real impact through the simple concept of matching experienced business advisors with entrepreneurs who had a lot of passion for their products and services, but who needed some assistance with building a business around those ideas. 

Jeff Seligman

Jeff Seligman serves as business advisor for the NH SBDC’s Seacoast region, bringing over 30 years of experience in both emerging and large corporate enterprises. Recently, Jeff was founder and Chief Consultant at AimJo Management Services, LLC, providing financial leadership and operations management services to emerging companies while functioning as part-time CFO for many of the company’s clients.

Gaming is no longer a game for young Rochester entrepreneur

T Antonio of Rochester, NH needed a little something to up his game on the video games he loves to play, so he invented it. It worked out so well that his next invention was his own company, set up to sell his device to the rest of the gaming world. And that world is huge.

T explains that he has always played a lot of “shooter” games online, competing in tournaments that make it “very much like a sport.” And these days, that sport has turned into a billion-dollar industry with competitors winning prizes that can top $1 million.

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From passion to business

When psychotherapist Keri Fernald first sought help from the business advisors of New Hampshire Small Business Development Center, all she had to do was walk down the hall. She shares the same office building as the NH SBDC Seacoast Region office, and Regional Director Warren Daniel.  

“He really helped me manage the business financially and to understand my cash flow,” Keri said. As a licensed psychotherapist, Keri says she discovered early on the many challenges of being a trained health care professional with no background in running a business.