Management Team: Cast Down Your Bucket

It’s lonely at the top. Small business owners often lament the narrowness of their management benches. They cast an envious eye upon their corporate brethren who seemingly luxuriate in the midst of a team of managers. The managers oversee a variety of specialties including sales, human resources, and production to name a few. There may even be attorneys and auditors on retainer.

Amy Rodman

Amy Rodman assists NH SBDC clients in the Nashua and Concord regions as a business advisor. In 2010 Amy became a part-time NH SBDC advisor working in the Nashua and Manchester region, and then accepted a full time advising position at the Center for Women’s Business Advancement at SNHU. Amy returned to the NH SBDC in 2016 to take on her current full-time business advising position.

NH SBDC “Main Man” business advisor helps young couple buy and grow a White Mountains business

When Lynne Gruskowski and Andy Calnan of Massachusetts began looking for a B&B to run in Vermont, their journey eventually led them across a different border, to New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and to Stewart Gates, an NH SBDC business advisor, whom they now call “our main man.”

Honors Project Proposal

Please describe your proposed project below in 250 words or less. The project should be something that a team of students (approx. 3-6) could complete in approximately 4 months, and that would be useful to your business. A few examples from our past work with students include: 

(1) A “make or buy” decision: An analysis of whether a company should produce a product or component itself, or outsource production. 

(2) Market research to support a decision on whether to introduce a new product. 

(3) Analysis for re-design or re-launch of a business website. 


If you have questions about your project, we invite you to reach out to SBDC State Director in advance to discuss. Thank you for considering a submission! 

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Sweet Dreams

It’s three o’clock in the morning.  Something woke you.  Was it your anticipation of the delivery of your next inventory shipment - while hoping the payment from the client’s last order appears soon?  Or your anxiety about the new accounts on the horizon? (Which, mind you, are not yet accounts, but you are optimistic - a good trait of an entrepreneur!) Or are you stressed about the frantic process of creating inventory to fill those new orders?  

Melanie Patterson

Melanie Patterson is a business advisor for the Keene region, providing a wealth of knowledge about sales, marketing, management, leadership, and organizational development. When working with clients, she brings result-driven tools and business tactics that bridge strategy and mindset to build mutual support between business and life style.

The folks at Milford's Luv Nest intend to make your chickens smile

Making chickens smile.  That’s the goal of Tina and David Hickman, the proprietors of Luv Nest, a Milford, NH-based company that makes mixtures of organic nesting herbs for chickens. Yep, it’s like aromatherapy, and treats, for chickens.

In just two years in business, Luv Nest has gone from strictly an e-commerce website to national distribution in retail outlets.

Equity Crowdfunding

This blog post is the third in a series of three articles by Millyard Tech Law, PLLC exploring the use of crowdfunding for funding a small business.  The information provided is intended to provide an overview of the subject and is not a substitute for legal or business advice.  We encourage you to consult with a SBDC business advisor to explore whether crowdfunding is right for your business.


2016 NEPD Evaluation

Instructions: Please answer for each workshop/activity in which you participated. We welcome your feedback!
Workshop 1: Advising Creative Economy Clients
Workshop 2: Business Valuation
Workshop 3: Business Model Canvas
Workshop 4: Alternative Financing and Non-Traditional Lending Opportunities
Workshop 5: Pitch Best Practices
Workshop 6: Success Stories Best Practices
Workshop 7: Getting Your Business Ready for Sale
Workshop 8: Discussion on Cyber Security, etc.
Roundtable Discussions
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