NEPD 2017 Workshop Topics Survey

WELCOME to the NEPD 2017 survey! Tell us what topics you would like to learn, explore, teach, facilitate or discuss at NEPD 2017
BUSINESS ADVISORS: For each of the following, please indicate your interest level in attending a session on the topic at NEPD. Telling us NO is just as important as YES. (If you are not a business advisor, but wish to weigh in, feel free to answer these, as well.)
Advising approaches to new and changing client demographics (encore, youth)
Advising clients in the creative economy
Advising the value-added food producer
Alternative financing options: online lending
Businesses in transition: Acquisition
Business valuation
Client business' cybersecurity
Exporting tools, resources, best practices
Helping your clients develop a social media marketing plan
Hospitality tools & resources
Industry specific tools
Keeping sustainability top of mind
Dealing with difficult clients
Developing your referral base
How to get success stories from your impact clients
Engaging students from your host institution to work with clients
Maximizing your time: how to balance clients, outreach, training demands
Managing client meetings
Remote, web-based advising
Social media and website tips
Business Model Canvas
Lean Startup
Root360 (business sustainability impact assessment)
ORGANIZATIONAL and ADMINISTRATIVE: Topics for SBDCs as a whole, as regions, for managers, etc.
Choosing the best telephone conferencing option for your organization/client communication
Choosing the best web conferencing option for your organization/client communication
Education and training in 2017 - how technology can help
Marketing your SBDC: ideas and discussion
Ongoing professional development
SBDCs and social media - best practices
Client Management Systems (CenterIC, Neoserra)
ROUNDTABLES: Please indicate your interest level in participating in each roundtable topic, and add additional topics for consideration.
Advising on human resources topics
Advising tools you use most with clients
Commercialization trends
Counseling "techniques"
Helping clients do research
Open business advisor discussion
Open non-advisor discussion for asst. directors, marketing and training managers
Student engagement and youth entrepreneurship
Trade shows
Training workshops and seminars - "hot topics"
P.S. Is there anything else you would like to suggest or do you have any other ideas to help make NEPD 2017 a successful conference?
Thank you for your time and input. See you in May!
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Garland Mill Timberframes: Family-run business learns the business end of things

Garland Mill Timberframes in Lancaster has been operating as a family business for something like 40 years, and that’s why the business advisors at the New Hampshire Small Business Development Center were originally consulted. Garland Mill's co-owners and cousins, Ben and Dana Southworth, had purchased the company from their fathers and, near the end of that process, had realized that they might need an exit plan for getting out of the business when their time came.

Managing Fast Growth

Probably everyone who starts a small business has its eventual growth in mind.  But what happens when growth is rapid and maybe even surprisingly fast? It may not be time to celebrate.  It’s a time to plan, stay on top of all financials, and seek outside counsel. A period of rapid growth can, despite what it may look like, be a dangerous time for a business.  Failure is possible, unless critical areas are addressed and managed.