Liz Gray

Liz Gray joined the NH SBDC as State Director in July of 2018. Prior to this, she served as director of entrepreneurship at the N.H. Business Finance Authority. She established Live Free and Start, an initiative to make New Hampshire an even better place for innovative companies to be able to start, grow and succeed. She held the position of economic development business services manager at the N.H. Department of Resources and Economic Development, and has extensive experience within the political community of New Hampshire.

Honors students partner with businesses to create solutions

UNH Paul College Honors Consulting Project

The Paul College Honors Consulting Project is designed to broaden perspectives and build bridges to the New Hampshire small business community. In partnership with the NH Small Business Development Center (SBDC), over the course of a semester, our Paul College Honors students engage with NH businesses to solve unique, real world problems.

Couple plunges into a successful business by inventing what the market wanted

When Karen Larson and her husband, Brian, first began thinking about launching a business in about 2013, they got one big thing wrong.  Their market.

First they thought they would be selling their pre-cast concrete “plunge pools” to the trades—landscapers and such.  But, it turns out, the homeowners began contacting the company directly.  And it was NH SBDC’s business advisor Warren Daniel who helped the two redirect their initial marketing efforts.  

NH Renewable Energy Incentives Reopen

Thinking about installing and using a renewable energy source for your business? The State’s incentive programs have reopened!

If you are like many business owners you want to use the most efficient lighting, refrigeration, motors and equipment in order to consume less energy and save on your bottom line.  It’s no secret that energy usage, like every other commodity a business uses, is important to track. 

Honey + Buzzagogo = Cold Bee Gone

The nose knows.  That might be a good tagline for Joyce Dales and her Cold Bee Gone product.  Joyce is the owner of Buzzagogo, a Nottingham-based company, and Cold Bee Gone is her first product—a natural, honey-based topical cold and allergy remedy that is sweeping the state and, potentially, the country. It’s now sold in 150 stores, and counting.

And, it’s all due to bees, honey, and a cotton swab in your nose.