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eCourse Outline: Starting a Business in NH - Planning and Research
Outline of eCourse Starting a Business in NH - Planning and Research.
Accounting/Money management, Business planning, Customer service, Financing a business, Starting a business Think, Launch
eCourse Outline: Igniting Your Business through DEI and Inclusive Leadership
Outline of eCourse Igniting Your Business through DEI and Inclusive Leadership.
Business planning, Customer service, Growing a business Launch, Grow, Reinvent
NH SBDC Handout
2-page handout:about NH SBDC and our impact on the NH economy and on NH small businesses.
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Improving Customer Support with Your Website
Customer support is very important to increasing future sales. This article goes over how to improve your customer support efforts with your website.
Customer service Grow
Providing Great Customer Service Through Social Media
A look at how to use social media to provide customer service.
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Ultimate Guide to Measuring Customer Satisfaction
This article looks over how to measure customer satisfaction.
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Overcoming Common Customer Objections
How to deal with common customer objections.
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Everyone Should be Feeling the Customer's Pain
Learn the importance of understanding your customers.
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7 Best Ways to Gather Customer Loyalty
A look at the importance of customer loyalty.
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How to Create a Customer Service Plan
There is a revolution where customers reward the companies that satisfy their needs and expectations and attack those that are not responsive to…
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How to Use E-mail to Improve Customer Service
Learn how to use e-mail to improve customer service with this article from Inc.
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Customer Relationship Management - Small/Medium Business
This booklet is designed to help small and medium business owners understand the basics of customer relationship management (CRM) and, more…
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The Business Case for Loving Customers
It’s a great feeling when an employee goes out of their way to be helpful. It’s also memorable when someone remembers your name, takes ownership to…
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The Art of Customer Loyalty
In a world where your competitors are only a click away, customer loyalty really is the new marketing. Today’s customers have access to an endless…
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Customer Retention Strategies
A look at what customer retention is and 16 proven retention strategies.
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How to Start a Customer Rewards Program
Giving something back to your best customers has become a competitive necessity in certain industries. Here's how to keep your best buyers loyal…
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Implementing Customer Loyalty Programs
A look into establishing a customer loyalty program.
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The Personality that Succeeds in Customer Support
This article from HelpScout goes over personality in customer support.
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Driving Optimum Customer Retention and Loyalty
Performance group offers ways to improve customer loyalty through engagement.
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How to Make the Most of Customer Feedback
A guide to help you determine why gathering customer feedback is important, how to get customer feedback, and what to do with that feedback once you…
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