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Launch - Moving your business forward
You have started your business but are unsure of what to do next. The Florida SBDC Network can assist you in this formative stage to ensure that you’…
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Leasing Commercial Space
Information about buying or leasing business property.
Starting a business Launch
Live Webinars & Recordings
Live and recording webinars from the Virginia SBDC.
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Loans and Amortization - Introduction to Loans
A comparison of fixed and variable rate loans.
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Local Land Use Law
Information about zoning, overlay districts, home-based businesses, signs change of use, and code compliance.
Growing a business Launch
Making the Experience Easier for the Customer
A short video describing how to make the experience easier for the customer.
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Managing Cash
The success of your business is dependent upon your ability to understand, identify and address your financial needs. With our free Financial Health…
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Managing Cash
Gaining financial control by understanding cash flow is crucial to your success.
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Marketing & sales
The programs here are what make the Missouri Business Development Program and provide assistance to most industries.
Marketing & Social Media Grow
Marketing and Research
Marketing and research tips from the Washington SBDC.
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Marketing Concepts
This video goes over marketing concepts.
Marketing & Social Media Launch
Marketing Plan
Whether you’re a retailer or a manufacturer, whether you sell a product or service, whether you operate from a storefront or on the Internet —…
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Marketing vs Sales
Marketing and sales are both aimed at increasing revenue. They are so closely intertwined that people often don’t realize the difference between the…
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Marketing vs. Sales
An Entrepreneur article on making your marketing message stand out.
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Money - Depreciation
An article that talks about money depreciation.
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Monthly Breakeven Analysis for Small Retailers
Calculation of the break-even point is simple, uses data readily available to small business operators, and has greater practical value for many…
Accounting/Money management Grow
A site that keeps photos stored.
Moving Your Business Online
A checklist for moving your business online.
Marketing & Social Media Reinvent
My Own - Accounting
Before you start your business, you will need to learn how to keep score (basic accounting), and how to maintain cash in your bank account (cash flow…
Accounting/Money management Launch
My Own - Plans
Lean about what a business plan is with My Own Business Institute.
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