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Customer Relationships
An article on customer relationships from Entrepreneur.
Customer service Grow - Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center
Official tax center for small businesses and the self-employed on the IRS website.
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Health Care Tax Credit Estimator
Estimate your health tax credit with this tool from
Accounting/Money management Think
20 Tools to Run a Small Business
A list of 20 tools and applications that can help you run your small business.
Business planning Launch
Closing Techniques
A list of different techniques to close the deal.
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Marketing vs. Sales
An Entrepreneur article on making your marketing message stand out.
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Patent and Trademark Office
Website for the US Patent and Trademark Office.
How Sales Techniques Work
An article from howstuffworks about Sales Techniques.
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Online Ads: A Guide to Online Ad Types and Formats
A comprehensive guide to online ads from WordStream.
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Web Wire - Press Release
An article about press release guidelines.
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Advertising Budget
Tips on budgeting and negotiating, plus promotional tools for advertising.
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Smart Choices
A link to buy a resource book to make better decisions.
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TV Advertising Guide: How to Get Started Today
A guide to TV Advertising for small businesses.
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Business to Consumer Marketing
An article on business to consumer marketing from
Marketing & Social Media Think - Sample Business Plans
A site with sample business plans.
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The 4 P's of Marketing
A YouTube video from Mirasee on the 4 P's of marketing.
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IRS Test for Emp. or Ind. Contract.
It is critical that business owners correctly determine whether the individuals providing services are employees or independent contractors.
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The Customer Acquisition Cost Formula
A YouTube video from Alanis Business Academy on The Customer Acquisition Cost Formula.
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Create Your Marketing Strategy
How to create your marketing strategy from Info Entrepreneurs.
Marketing & Social Media Launch
A site that keeps photos stored.