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Disaster Assistance & Business Continuity
The Alabama SBDC Network has determined that the best strategy to help minimize the impact of disasters on Alabama’s small business community involves A) getting the word out, and B) providing basic education and guidance on the simple steps that businesses can take to protect themselves.
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Driving Optimum Customer Retention and Loyalty
Performance group offers ways to improve customer loyalty through engagement.
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E-commerce - Getting Started Guide
A guide on e-commerce from
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Employee Empowerment is the Key to Customer Service Success
A few employee empowerment strategies that transcend industry, product and the like.
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Entrepreneur - The Basics of Branding
Learn what this critical business term means and what you can do to establish one for your company with this article from Entrepreneur.
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Estimated Sales & Earnings Template
Excel template for projecting three years of sales and net profit.
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Estimated Start-up Costs Template
Excel template for estimating start-up costs for a new business or product line.
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Estimating Breakeven Sales for Your Business
The break even amount of sales for a business venture is the
dollar amount of sales at which your business earns neither a
profit nor a loss. Annual sales that exceed this breakeven point generate profit for the business.
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Evaluating Your Business Idea
A fill-in .pdf to help you examine your business idea and determine your potential for success before you spend time and money developing a business plan.
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Everyone Should be Feeling the Customer's Pain
Learn the importance of understanding your customers.
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Exchange Rate Calculator
An exchange rates calculator.
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Export‐U delivers the training you need to make profitable export sales. Our webinars show you how to find the best export markets for your goods and how to sell into them. And now, our all new Exporter’s Resource Database offers a wealth of trade information to help you succeed at exporting.
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Facebook Can Help You Reach All The People Who Matter Most To Your Business
You can use facebook to grow your business! Click to see how.
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The programs here are what make the Missouri Business Development Program and provide assistance to most industries
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Financial Analysis
The KSBDC has access to several small business financial analysis tools to help you analyze your business from a financial perspective, compare your business to others of similar size throughout the United States, and make better decisions based on data specific to your business and industry.
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Financial Management Training Center
The Financial Management Training Center offers free training courses, video lessons, and other resources to help you learn business finance.
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Financial Templates
A collection of financial templates from SBDC Pacific Islands Network
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Understanding your financials and how to use the information they contain is critical for all business owners and managers. These resources from SBDC Washington can assist you beginning the process
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A site that contains many links to learn about financing.
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Financing an Existing Business
Tips for financing an existing business
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