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eCourse Outline: How to Write Website Content for Humans and Robots
Downloadable outline of topics in the eCourse How to Write Website Content for Humans and Robots.
Growing a business, Marketing & Social Media, Starting a business Launch, Grow
eCourse Outline: Three steps to crafting a small business website
Outline of content topics in the eCourse Three steps to crafting a small business website.
Growing a business, Marketing & Social Media, Starting a business Launch, Grow
Employee Empowerment is the Key to Customer Service Success
A few employee empowerment strategies that transcend industry, product and the like.
Customer service Think
Entrepreneur - The Basics of Branding
Learn what this critical business term means and what you can do to establish one for your company with this article from Entrepreneur.
Marketing & Social Media Launch
Estimated Sales & Earnings Template
Excel template for projecting three years of sales and net profit.
Starting a business Launch
Estimated Start-up Costs Template
Excel template for estimating start-up costs for a new business or product line.
Starting a business Launch
Estimating Breakeven Sales for Your Business
The break even amount of sales for a business venture is the dollar amount of sales at which your business earns neither a profit nor a loss.…
Accounting/Money management Grow
Evaluating Your Business Idea
A fill-in .pdf to help you examine your business idea and determine your potential for success before you spend time and money developing a business…
Starting a business Launch
Everyone Should be Feeling the Customer's Pain
Learn the importance of understanding your customers.
Customer service Think
Exchange Rate Calculator
An exchange rates calculator.
Financing a business Think
Export‐U delivers the training you need to make profitable export sales. Our webinars show you how to find the best export markets for your goods and…
Growing a business Grow
Facebook Can Help You Reach All The People Who Matter Most To Your Business
You can use facebook to grow your business! Click to see how.
Marketing & Social Media Grow
The programs here are what make the Missouri Business Development Program and provide assistance to most industries
Financing a business Think
Financial Analysis
The KSBDC has access to several small business financial analysis tools to help you analyze your business from a financial perspective, compare your…
Financing a business Think
Financial Management Training Center
The Financial Management Training Center offers free training courses, video lessons, and other resources to help you learn business finance.
Accounting/Money management Think
Financial Templates
A collection of financial templates from SBDC Pacific Islands Network
Accounting/Money management Launch
Understanding your financials and how to use the information they contain is critical for all business owners and managers. These resources from SBDC…
Financing a business Think
A site that contains many links to learn about financing.
Financing a business Grow
Financing an Existing Business
Tips for financing an existing business
Financing a business Grow
Financing Your Business Resources
This 20-page resource from ASBTDC can help current and prospective small business owners decide which type of funding to pursue and understand the…
Financing a business Think