Client Name: Courtney Daniel
Business Name: The Courtney Daniel Brand
Business Website:
Administrative Services
Location: Portsmouth, NH
SBDC Advisor's Name: Ed Miles


courtnet daniel client story

Owning a business has always been a deep-rooted passion for Courtney Daniel of The Courtney Daniel Brand. Growing up in Georgia, Courtney fondly reminisces about days spent at her grandmother’s café. “I have vivid memories of my grandmother running a successful business that brought joy and unity to our community through dancing, singing, and laughter,” says Courtney. “Witnessing the vibrant atmosphere she created, I knew that owning a business was something I aspired to do.”

Courtney also witnessed the hard work of her grandfather who owned his own cab station, as well as her aunt who would buy clothing and jewelry that she would sell out of the trunk of her car. “It was always around me,” says Courtney. “I guess I would say it’s in my blood.”

Surrounded by entrepreneurship and watching her family members go for their passions, Courtney figured “why can’t I go for mine?” She discovered the challenging realities of owning a business, though. She comments, “The joy, dancing, and singing seemed to be scarce commodities in the entrepreneurial landscape.”

While in Georgia, Courtney gained experience as a celebrity personal assistant, and when she relocated to New Hampshire in 2012, she assumed that transferring those skills and expertise would be seamless. But, through networking events, she learned that many folks need an extra set of hands in both running their household and their businesses.

The Courtney Daniel Brand, a virtual assistance service, was born. Courtney collaborates with small business owners and entrepreneurs, offering virtual assistance to help them manage their tasks effectively and provide the necessary support for their success.

As an experienced Executive Virtual and Personal Assistant, her role involves assisting with time-consuming administrative tasks, implementing systems to streamline email communication, managing calendars, and facilitating project launches. With her expertise, clients can rely on Courtney to alleviate their workload and ensure smooth operations.

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“The passion I hold for my business is beyond words,” says Courtney. “It allows me to express my creativity and apply those skills daily, crafting adaptable processes for my clients.”

Courtney discovered NH SBDC when searching online for small business resources. Finding consistent positive reviews, Courtney opted to schedule an appointment and has reaped the benefits since.

She comments, “Since becoming an SBDC client, the support I have received has proven to be priceless. Whether you are a novice or experienced business owner, having SBDC as a contact is essential.”

Throughout her time with NH SBDC, Courtney shares, “I have been fortunate to receive valuable referrals, engage in networking opportunities, and establish personal connections with advisors who prioritize your well-being before your business' success.”

While Courtney has connected with several SBDC business advisors who she says, “have all been great and brought something different to the table,” her most recent experience has been with Seacoast Regional Director Ed Miles.

“I found that Ed was very helpful from start to finish,” says Courtney. She appreciated his guidance, resource connections, follow-up, and that he held her accountable. She also valued his opinion because he was a well-established business owner himself.

Courtney appreciated her many conversations with Ed. One discussion would often lead to another, opening her up to different perspectives to consider. And, even if Ed didn’t know the answer to something, he would connect her with the resource that could help. Through this experience, Courtney advises other businesses to be open to the suggestions of their business advisors and take action. She notes, “There is nothing more rewarding than completing the homework your advisor has provided. Walking into your next SDBC meeting prepared to recap and set new goals will lead to success. When you have resources that are available to you, you’re more likely to succeed, but you have to work the resources.”

The support of NH SBDC and Ed has meant a lot to Courtney and her business.

“If I felt like giving up, I still had someone to reach out to, and they can respect where I am and understand that feeling.”

Today, Courtney says The Courtney Daniel Brand is “poised for a prosperous future, abundant with resources.” She adds, “I have envisioned the realization of my dream – a virtual assistance agency based in New Hampshire. I am eager to train others and share my expertise with individuals who share my passion for keeping things in order.”