Client Stories

Forward Merch describes themselves as offering “design, production, e-commerce, fulfillment, customer service & touring services in-house.” To keep up... Learn More
Marilyn Hoffman, Owner of Museum Search and Reference loves art from all periods. As the founder and principal of Museum Search and Reference, Marilyn... Learn More
An online searchable database of diverse businesses in the United States, includes  48 states at this point, and Matt is working towards... Learn More
Stargate Ventures offers cryptocurrency education, as well as trading software. Rob and his team share his software and strategies to guide and teach ... Learn More
Connections Career Coaching is a strategic coaching practice where Peter provides clients with job search and job performance strategies that lead the... Learn More
Discoe Beverages launched in 2021 with the creation of their main product, NA’BZR, a canned non-alcoholic cocktail.  Discoe Beverages and NA’BZR was b... Learn More
Walter Bat Company makes personalized, hand-crafted wood bats using the same concepts as the process of turning metal into components. In addition to ... Learn More
It was about 15 years ago, when Warren really began to miss the tree service and his wife and Mind Earth Co-Owner, Marina reminded him of what he alwa... Learn More
Relief Parenting offers classes, support groups, private consultations, respite (aka Nap) and Work Room Sessions, on-site childcare, and community pra... Learn More
The Secret Gardener offers customized gardening with a focus on ecological design. As her website states: “The Secret Gardener specializes in landscap... Learn More