Hiring and retaining employees is not a simple feat these days. The State of New Hampshire has a new employee benefit program that could help.

One of our clients recently began offering FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) benefits. They have not quite 50 employees and are continuing to grow. “Since the NH Granite State Family Leave plan administered by MetLife was instituted this past January, several of our employees have signed up through the individual option, which we administer through payroll deductions. We are pleased that the state has this benefit available to workers in the state of NH.”

NH Paid Family & Medical Leave (PFML) gives companies an option to increase benefits for employees. Perhaps NH PFML could make a difference for your employees’ well-being and give you one more incentive in the hiring process.

What is NH PFML and how can it help your business keep and recruit new employees?

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New Hampshire Paid Family and Medical Leave (NH PFML) is a first in the nation, state-sponsored, voluntary insurance plan where NH employers and eligible NH workers can purchase NH PFML insurance that provides 60% wage replacement (up to the Social Security wage cap) for up to six weeks per year, for absences from work for covered common life events.

NH PFML may be used in conjunction with the Family Medical Leave Act. FMLA, a federal program, allows employees to take job-protected leave for self and specified family for medical reasons, however the leave is unpaid. By using NH PFML, employees are able to take paid leave for certain eligible life events for up to 6 weeks. Offering employees PFML can incentivize employees to stay loyal to their employer.

How does it work?

For employers that can purchase the insurance through MetLife for their employees, the premium expense can be used toward a NH Business Enterprise Tax tax credit. Employers can enroll at any time.

If an employer doesn’t have the resources to pay for the new program, they can contribute a partial payment or they can offer it to employees as an individual plan.

The deadline for employees to sign up on their own for this program is March 2, 2023. Employees should reach out to the MetLife Customer Solution Center at 1-866-595-PFML (7365) to enroll.

Important Links:


Employer Toolkit | NH Paid Family Medical Leave

Key Points:

  • NH PFML was established as state law and went into effect Jan. 2023.
  • It is voluntary - NH employers and workers can choose to participate.
  • Consider sponsoring a NH PFML insurance plan for your NH employees.
  • Contact MetLife to get a quote for a NH PFML insurance plan for your eligible NH workers.
  • Learn about the Business Enterprise Tax (BET) credit for the portion of the NH PFML insurance premium employers pay. Plan must be purchased through MetLife to qualify for tax credit.
  • Eligible NH workers can purchase a NH PFML individual plan if their company doesn’t offer a NH PFML insurance plan or equivalent benefit plan.
  • Direct workers’ questions to MetLife.
  • Support the claims process by providing wage and leave information, work schedules and other benefits information to MetLife.

For Employers with 50+ employees:

  • Collect worker premium payments through payroll deductions; employers paying 100% of premium do not have to take payroll deductions.
  • Restore workers to the position they held prior to leave or to an equivalent position.
  • Continue to provide health insurance during leave with workers paying any shared costs.

For Employers with Fewer than 50 employees:

  • Not required to collect premium payments through payroll deductions.
  • Make premium payments through arrangements with MetLife