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2020 has taught us that every business regardless of size, industry, or stage of growth needs a resiliency plan. 

If you want to start or update your plan, joins us at the Small Business & Community Resiliency Academy! The Academy will feature speakers, panelists, and a workbook so that you have a format to follow to build your resiliency plan.

In addition, attendees may participate in regional or industry cohorts. Cohorts will meet on alternating weeks between the Academy sessions and will focus on helping you implement the session topics and create your business' resiliency plan in a small group setting.

Here are the top 3 reasons to participate in an Academy Cohort:

  1. Learn from others:
    Regional and Industry Cohorts, led by SBDC advisors and community leaders, bring together local businesses or like businesses in conversation. The small group offers 
    opportunities to discuss the Academy topics and learn how other businesses are addressing components of their resiliency plans. 
  2. Connect with industry or local peers and community leaders:
    Connect with your community - whether that's in your town, city, or industry - and a leader from that community and work through the Business Resiliency Workbook.  Strengthen your resiliency plan in light of your community, and see what synergies may develop within the cohort.
  3. Hands-on support from SBDC business advisors:
    Delve deeper into the business resiliency planning process with your cohort's SBDC business advisor. Advisors are available to work with businesses on their resiliency plan and other aspects of their business, both during the Resiliency Academy cohorts and after the Academy's completion.

 The Academy will focus on the intersection of small business and community resiliency. Contact us to learn more about joining a cohort!