Honors Students Partner with Businesses to Create Solutions

Honors students consult with small businesses

UNH Paul College Honors Consulting Project

The Paul College Honors Consulting Project is designed to broaden perspectives and build bridges to the New Hampshire small business community. In partnership with the NH Small Business Development Center (SBDC), over the course of a semester, our Paul College Honors students engage with NH businesses to solve unique, real world problems.

Students work in cross-disciplinary teams from disciplines such as Economics, Finance, Marketing, Analytics and Accounting. By intentionally grouping the students, we form teams that see projects from multiple perspectives and ultimately design better solutions. This improves the learning experience for the student and provides a customized, higher quality result for the NH business.

We believe this program spans the gap between the classroom and the real world experience of operating a business. The experience gained by the student can be applied to a resume and the support provided to the business is effective and free. This is a terrific opportunity to gain access to the best and brightest of our Paul College business students.

Example Deliverables:

  • Brand creation, including the development of a logo and key messaging
  • Development of marketing materials
  • Market research
  • Development of website content/storyboard
  • Social media marketing assistance, ideas and concepts
  • Brand awareness and association
  • Pricing
  • Competitive landscape evaluation
  • Financial summaries
  • SWOT analysis
  • Make/Buy Decisions
  • Economic impact report
  • Resource allocation analysis
  • Business process assessment
  • Capacity utilization report

The students provide each client with a full report detailing the deliverables and the research conducted.

Project Timeline - Students work on the consulting projects over the course of one semester. The overall project duration is 12 weeks and mirrors the UNH semester calendar. Clients can expect students to provide approximately 40 hours of consulting, over a 10 week period. Application deadline:  December 7th. 

Student Support - Students are advised by a tenured faculty member once a week, for the duration of the semester. The advisor provides support, tracks progress and coaches the students from first communication with the client, through submitting the final report.

Interested? Feel free to reach out to SBDC State Director Liz Gray (liz.gray@unh.edu) to have a preliminary conversation about potential project suitability. She will be happy to help you shape your application. You can also apply directly through the Paul College Paul Projects website.