2020 Impact Report Released
The SBDC helped 7,178 businesses through this pandemic to not only survive, but in many cases, thrive. Our team, with over 200 years of small business... Learn More
A dream, an NH SBDC business advisor, and a New Americans Fund Loan lead to popular Middle Eastern food in Manchester
Zem Zem is a Manchester-based Middle Eastern restaurant run by Ali Shukur, an Iraqi immigrant, and his wife and two teenage daughters. A family frien... Learn More
Are you stuck in a single domestic market and want to increase your sales and profits? Are you wondering about the potential for expanding your busine... Learn More
The Strength of Community
The story of Wicked Flannel and its ability to survive the pandemic, reshape its business plan, and emerge in a better position to succeed is not only... Learn More
NH SBDC has developed new eCourses to join our online learning offerings. One of these new courses is Human Resources: The Employee Lifecycle for Smal... Learn More
As the owner of a business, you must work “at it” and “in it” every day of the week, and it’s very likely that even during your time-off you are alway... Learn More
Real-life space robots, the size of a shoebox
Forging a new market is challenging for any business. But when your business is designing utility robots for NASA space missions, you REALLY are on th... Learn More
As COVID permanently altered old work paradigms, Nashua-based marketing outfit Snowbird Creatives embraced a subtle-but-powerful shift toward an enhan... Learn More
The NH Small Business Development Center has announced new members of its advisory board to represent the diversity of the state and the demand for as... Learn More
Simplicity and authenticity are vital ingredients for Jack Schrupp's natural performance nutrition company, Drink Wholesome. It just so happens those ... Learn More