Partner Name: New Hampshire Insurance Department 
Industry: Regulations
Location: Concord, NH

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Tell us about the New Hampshire Insurance Department. What is your mission/goals?

The mission of the New Hampshire Insurance Department (NHID) is to promote and protect the public good by ensuring the existence of a safe and competitive insurance marketplace through the development and enforcement of the insurance laws of the State of New Hampshire. We are committed to doing so in an honest, effective, and timely manner.

How does the Department help New Hampshire businesses?

While our primary focus is on consumer protection, the NHID supports the interests of businesses in the state by helping to create a stable and fair marketplace for businesses to obtain the insurance coverage they need to protect their operations, assets, and employees. The NHID offers educational resources and complaint resolution to consumers and businesses alike.

Is there a particular program that you would like businesses to know about?

The NHID’s Consumer Services unit exists to help Granite State insurance consumers understand the complexities of insurance and protect their rights as insurance consumers. These services are designed to educate, assist, and advocate for individuals and businesses in their interactions with insurance companies.

How does NH Insurance Dept. partner with the NH SBDC?

The NHID is currently undertaking collaborative efforts to develop resources such as guides and FAQ’s to help small businesses understand and navigate insurance-related matters.

Tell us more about how business owners can engage with the NH Insurance Department. Who should they connect with and when?

Business owners in New Hampshire can engage with the New Hampshire Insurance Department (NHID) to seek information, assistance, and guidance regarding insurance-related matters. Business owners can reach out to the NHID's Consumer Services Division by calling 603-271-2261 or emailing Business owners should consider contacting the Consumer Services Division when they have specific inquiries about insurance coverage, claims, policy disputes, or if they encounter any issues with insurance providers. The NHID's official website contains valuable information, including guides, FAQs, and resources for consumers and businesses alike. Additionally, the NHID is engaging consumers and businesses at various outreach events across the state – please stop by and say hello if you see us at an event!