JBC Construction

Business Name: JBC Construction
Client Name: Dan Callahan
Location: Londonderry, NH
SBDC Advisor: Julie Glosner

As they say, “It’s never too late to make a change,” and Dan Callahan, Commercial Construction Manager and Owner of JBC Construction, a commercial construction company, is a prime example of this to be true. 

In 2018, for the first time in his life, Dan found himself between opportunities and considering what was next for him.  That’s when Dan came to the realization it was time to do what he should have been doing the whole time, which was to build his own construction business.

While it sounds like a big step, for Dan it was a logical one.  He’d spent many years working for other companies overseeing major retail and commercial construction projects, so he was confident in his choice and ability to start a construction business of his own.  But, building a business takes time and with his previous employment already behind him, he was faced with bridging the gap between what was and what would be. 

That’s when he was introduced to the Pathway to Work (PTW) program, a partnership between NH Employment Security and the NH SBDC to help NH residents who are not likely to find a similar position going forwards and would like to start a business and create jobs for themselves and others. 

Of his starting JBC Construction in 2018, Dan states, “SBDC was instrumental.”

Through the PTW program, he was introduced to and worked with NH SBDC Merrimack Valley Regional Director Julie Glosner, who he continues to work with today.

Dan came to Julie knowing what he wanted but just needing some support along the way and that’s exactly what Julie’s been able to provide. She has helped him with everything from ideas for marketing, building a business plan, getting an SBA bank loan for equipment, reviewing documents, and more.

Dan shares, “I would not have been able to do this without Julie’s assistance. She has guided me through the initial phase of starting a business, helped me grow my business, and helped us survive through the most difficult circumstances we've faced in 2020 into 2021.”

Dan points out that while he knew a little of everything, Julie was “more zoned in on specifics.”  If she didn’t know the answers, she knew where to get them.  Even the often-tedious task of filling out forms was made easier with Julie’s assistance.

JBC Construction was already proving successful in 2020 when COVID hit. 

With some strong work already lined up, Dan was thankful to find COVID was not impacting the business negatively.  Materials and other things took a little longer than expected, but otherwise, the work continued.  He was worried, however about what was to come six to twelve months down the road.  Sure enough, the fourth-quarter hit, and Dan’s fears came to fruition.

“I had a terrible quarter,” states Dan. He found himself without enough work to bid on and therefore short on projected revenue.  Once again, though, with Julie’s help, Dan and JBC proved resilient.  She helped him with everything needed to apply for the COVID relief Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

“PPP helped me through that fourth quarter and now we’re off and running,” comments Dan.

Today, things are looking good for three-year-old JBC Construction.  Things are back to business as usual, work is lined up, and Dan still has Julie on speed dial.  “She’s been a great sounding board for me,” says Dan.

Dan concludes, “We are currently what I would consider a successful small commercial construction company and it would not have been possible without the assistance I received through the NH SBDC.  They didn’t have to hold my hand, but from A to Z, they were there every step of the way.  It would have been overwhelming had I not had Julie by my side.”

JBC Construction provides consulting, pre-construction, general contracting, construction management, design/build, and post-construction services to the commercial industry. 

This client story is part of NH SBDC's ongoing collection of COVID Creativity stories about businesses surviving and thriving during COVID-19.