Dear Friends,

Thank you to all of the small business owners, state, local and regional partners, and stakeholders that have contacted House Finance Division 1 on behalf of the NH SBDC. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming, has given us hope that our funding will be restored and that the SBDC will be here to assist NH’s small business owners and entrepreneurs through the COVID-19 recovery and beyond.

While we can provide facts and figures regarding the thousands of small businesses that the NH SBDC has supported recently and over its nearly 37 year existence, as well as our $166.3 million annual impact on the NH economy, hearing directly from small businesses on how our organization has been able to assist them as they recover and become more resilient really hits home.

It makes all of the difference in the world for our legislators to hear from current and former clients  as well as local, regional and statewide partners about what is that makes the SBDC truly special and impactful to you, and worthy of continued funding in the NH budget.

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The budget passed by the House includes funding SBDC at $225,000/year. We anticipate that SBDC's budget will be part of the Senate Finance Committee hearings on April 23rd. We are very hopeful that Senate budget writers will restore SBDC's funding in full in its version of the budget, protecting SBDC's services and critical federal funding match.

We still need your help in the coming weeks to contact the Senate Finance Committee and your local legislators to tell them your story about how SBDC has impacted you and why the state should continue to invest in SBDC. 

SBDC is respectfully requesting that the State Legislature restore our funding in the state budget to a minimum of $440,000 per year in fiscal years 2022 and 2023.

There are three ways you can help NH SBDC restore our funding: 

  1. Send an email or letter to the Senate Finance Committee. (See contact information below)
    1. Senate Finance will be discussing SBDC's funding line item on April 23rd.
    2. Thank you to all who sent a letter to the House Finance Committee. Your letter to  the Senate Finance Committee can be similar to what you sent to House Finance with updated Committee contact information.  We will send you any updates we receive between now and April. 
    3. All communication should specifically reference that SBDC is a line item within the Department of Business and Economic Affairs’ (BEA) budget.
    4. Respectfully request the restoration of SBDC’s funding to a minimum of $440,000 per year in fiscal years 2022 and 2023.
    5. Please tell the Committee how SBDC has supported your business, members, Chamber of Commerce, or Association. A personalized note of SBDC’s impact speaks volumes and will help tell our story. You can also discuss your concerns for NH’s business community and economy if SBDC no longer exists.
    6. Please send a copy to our office email at NH.SBDC@unh.edu.
  2. Email your local State legislators to share your concerns.  You can simply send them the same message that you sent to the Finance committees. Click here and then on Members to find your State Representatives and Senator.
  3. Get social! Share our social media posts. Post a story about your experience working with SBDC.  Tag us and use the hashtag #SaveNHSBDC on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

SBDC has a tried-and-true track record of helping NH’s businesses for over 36 years.  Throughout the pandemic we have been there with laser focus, helping business owners keep their doors open, their staff and customers safe, and their futures hopeful. With your help, SBDC will continue to provide invaluable resources and advice to small businesses that are vital to NH’s economy.

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Thank you, 

Liz Gray
NH SBDC State Director

Senate Finance Committee

Chairman Daniels and Honorable Members of Senate Finance
State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

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  • Gary Daniels (Chair) – Milford
  • John Reagan (Vice Chair) – Deerfield
  • Bob Giuda - Warren
  • Erin Hennessey – Littleton
  • Chuck Morse – Salem
  • Lou D’Allesandro – Manchester
  • Cindy Rosenwald - Nashua

Email Entire Committee: Gary.Daniels@leg.state.nh.us; John.Reagan111@gmail.com; Lou.Dallesandro@leg.state.nh.us; Chuck.Morse@leg.state.nh.us; Bob.Giuda@leg.state.nh.us; Cindy.Rosenwald@leg.state.nh.us; Erin.Hennessey@leg.state.nh.us; debra.martone@leg.state.nh.us

Background information about NH SBDC and our impact on businesses and the NH economy.

SBDC is a cooperative agreement of three partners: the U.S. Small Business Administration, State of NH, and the University of NH.  All three partners are critical to the ongoing success of the SBDC program in NH.

SBDC is the Granite State’s leading provider of confidential, highly individualized, business advising and training, at no cost to NH businesses. With over 200 years of combined small business ownership and business advising experience, our team of certified business advisors supports businesses in any industry, and at any stage of growth with up to 500 employees - which is 99% of the businesses in NH. Over 36 years we have assisted 106,000 businesses across our statewide network. 

There is no other state or federal resource partner in NH that provides the high level of business advising and training to NH companies that SBDC does. Our work complements the work of partner agencies, Chambers of Commerce and Regional Economic Development Corporations.

NH SBDC was there throughout the pandemic with advice and guidance to help small businesses obtain the state and federal relief available to them. Like SBDC’s clients, the organization pivoted quickly to respond to businesses’ needs right from the start of the COVID crisis.  We created a COVID Assistance landing page that has seen over 33,000 visits, and delivered over 250 webinars since April, 2020 which have reached more than 5,000 individuals.

With a total annual economic impact of $166.3 million,

SBDC is a smart investment in the future of NH’s economy and small businesses.

In 2020 alone, we supported over 7,000 businesses in 214 NH communities through direct advising and training.  We helped our clients, despite the pandemic:

  • access over $45 million in new capital
  • increase their sales by close to $10 million
  • create and retain 1,300 Jobs

After 5 years, 80% of SBDC counseled businesses are still in business. This contrasts with the 44% survival rate of non-assisted businesses. (Source: Dr. James Chrisman, ASBDC economist)

 SBDC Funding

The Small Business Act mandates $1 to $1 local match to federal funding.  50% of the federal match must be a cash match. In FY20 and 21 we were appropriated state funds of $440,000 per year for a total of $880,000 over the biennium.

To maintain our high level of service and small business recovery efforts, SBDC is respectfully requesting the State Legislature restore our funding in the state budget to a minimum of $440,000 per year in fiscal years 2022 and 2023.

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