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The Personality that Succeeds in Customer Support
This article from HelpScout goes over personality in customer support.
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The Small Business Report Card
By using numbers from your company’s financial statements, you can calculate ratios and formulas that grade the performance of your business. This…
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The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing
A blog post from Neil Patel on startup marketing.
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The Zappos Brand & Customer Service - Tony Hsieh - Motivational Speaker & Author
A video that's about how the Zappo's brand handles customer service.
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Three Core Financial Statements: 4 Parts
Balance Sheet and Income Statement Relationship. Created by Sal Khan.
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Transition - Prepare your business for the next stage
Do you have a plan for the future? If the plan is to sell your business, do you know what your business will be worth when it comes time to sell? No…
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TV Advertising Guide: How to Get Started Today
A guide to TV Advertising for small businesses.
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Ultimate Guide to Measuring Customer Satisfaction
This article looks over how to measure customer satisfaction.
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Understanding Basic Bookkeeping and Working with an Accountant
Learn about business accounting methods.
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By using this guidebook to better understand the basics of commercial lending, you’ll feel more confident making important decisions about your…
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Use Great Customer Service to Set Your Small Business Apart
Great customer service is key to making your small business stand out, learn more about how you can use this strategy to your advantage.
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Useful Value Proposition Examples
An article that discusses examples of value propositions.
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Venture Capital and Angel Sources
A listing of Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors which invest in businesses in the State of New Hampshire, provided by Business NH Magazine,…
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Web Wire - Press Release
An article about press release guidelines.
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What is Branding and How is it Important to Your Marketing Strategy
An article that discusses branding and how it is important to your marketing strategies.
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Where to Find Proactive Customer Service Opportunities
In this article the author explores where the opportunities lie and will provide some examples of companies that are experiencing great results via…
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Why Relying Only on Reactive Customer Service is no Longer Good Enough
This article concentrates on why reactive customer service is no longer good enough.
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YouTube - Financial Ratios Lecture
A YouTube video by gordonhensley that goes over financial ratios.
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YouTube - Straight Line Depreciation Method
How to calculate depreciation expense using the straight-line depreciation method. An example is provided to illustrate how straight-line…
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Zions Bank - Analyze Your Business Using Financial Ratios
Analyze Your Business Using Financial Ratios
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