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National Venture Capital Association (
The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) empowers the next generation of American companies that will fuel the economy of tomorrow.
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NH Economic Development Groups
A directory of the economic development groups in the state of New Hampshire that provide loans to enable existing businesses to create and retain jobs in their communities, at
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NH SBDC Handout
2-page handout:about NH SBDC and our impact on the NH economy and on NH small businesses.
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Online Ads: A Guide to Online Ad Types and Formats
A comprehensive guide to online ads from WordStream.
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Online Marketing: Guide to Marketing Your Home Business Online
Boost your home business with search engine optimization for marketing.
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Online Training & Video
Each chapter includes videos, success stories, and links to other resources. Chapters topics include marketing, finances, procurement, and the global marketplace.
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Operating Expenses Ratio
The financial ratios formulas chart below acts as a quick reference to help you find information about the most important ratios used in managing a business.
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Overcoming Common Customer Objections
How to deal with common customer objections.
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Patent and Trademark Office
Website for the US Patent and Trademark Office.
Patrick Galvin - Cultivating Customer Relations
Learn how to increase customer loyalty and referrals with this video from Patrick Galvin.
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Peach Tree Accounting Step By Step
A book that describes how to keep track of your records.
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Peach Tree Tutorial
An introduction to Peachtree and why you should use accounting software.
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Phone Training - Phone Skills by Canity
Don't just answer the phone, master it with Phone Skills by Canity.
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Podcast Series
Podcast episodes from SBDC Washington
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Join hosts Dave McEwen and David McCauley each week for News, Events, Advice and Best Practices for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses in the Gem State.
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Pricing your Product or Service
A look at how to price your product or service.
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Profit Mastery
A workshop dedicated to maximizing your earnings through a better understanding of your financials.
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Promotion and Advertising Strategy
How do fitness and lifestyle brands make their products attractive to the millennial generation? Here's your crash course in selling to Millennials in 2019.
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Providing Great Customer Service Through Social Media
A look at how to use social media to provide customer service.
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Check out some helpful publications from the New York SBDC.
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