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For Customer Service Week: Respect Your Employees and Customer Service Will Improve
Here are five ways that a company and its leadership can provide service to its employees and aid those employees in providing great service to…
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Forecasting Sales for Startup Business
Learn more about financing a business launch.
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Forms of Business Organization Chart
This chart compares the forms of business organization.
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Franchising Your Business
The Kentucky Small Business is pleased to present “Franchising Your Business”, a video training series featuring Andy Friedman of Friedman,…
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Free Business Videos
Free videos from SBDC Mississippi.
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Free eLearning Videos
Videos from SBDC Colorado.
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Free Small Business Marketing Guide
Get a free copy of Seven Steps to Small Business Marketing Success by John Jantsch, one of the most respected small business marketing experts.
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Funding Your Business
Getting the funding you need to manage and grow your business is never easy. These resources from SBDC Washington are designed to help you better…
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Get More Referrals by Asking
An article that discusses the subject of how to get more referrals.
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All the things you need to know about grants.
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Gross and Operating Profit - Income Statement
Difference between gross profit, operating profit, and net income. Created by Sal Khan.
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Grow - Grow your volume and bottom-line
Are you ready to expand your business? Planning and preparing is the first step in the process. The Florida SBDC Network can help you make decisions…
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Health Care Tax Credit Estimator
Estimate your health tax credit with this tool from
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How Companies Create a Brand
In creating a brand, or "branding," you have to manage the effect that your product or service is having on the customer. We'll look…
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How Sales Techniques Work
An article from howstuffworks about Sales Techniques.
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How the Three Financial Statements Fit Together
This video from Alex Glassey will show you how the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows are connected.
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How to Build a Culture of Customer Service Excellence in 10 Minutes a Day
A daily standup meeting is a chance to keep your company focused on your overriding purpose and to ensure that all staff are aligned to fulfill it.
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How to Compare Financial Ratios to Industry Average
There are dozens of such ratios, but these six are particularly useful for a basic understanding of a company's financial condition: working…
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How to Create a Customer Service Plan
There is a revolution where customers reward the companies that satisfy their needs and expectations and attack those that are not responsive to…
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How to Develop an Effective Sales Forecast
This paper addresses how to develop an effective sales forecast.
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