FAME - Financial Accelerator Marketing Expeditor + Legal

Are you an SBDC client? (If not,  you could become one!) FAME is available to SBDC clients who are in need of expert external support in marketing or financial matters.

Contact your advisor by August 15th!


Financial Consultants

 Maybe you are considering using QuickBooks, or need to better understand how to use your existing account and the reporting features? Perhaps you’d like to invoice your customers or pay your vendors directly from QuickBooks. You might have tax law or accounting questions, or are considering CFO Services. If so, there may be a Financial Consultant available to you for these areas, and more!

Marketing Consultants

Is choosing, setting up and effectively using the plethora of social media platforms keeping you up at night? Do you want to better understand your analytics, or need an SEO strategy or review? Do you want assistance developing a general marketing strategy? We’ve partnered with Marketing Consultants who can help you tackle these areas and beyond.

Legal Consultants

Legal assistance with attorney consultants in the areas of:

  • Startup/entity formation consult/work
  • Commercial contracts drafting or review:
  • Corporate governance documents:
  • Trademark application analysis and filing of initial application
  • Review of commercial loan documents
  • Review of commercial lease documents
  • Preliminary planning for private offerings/angel financing (up to drafting of term sheet)
  • Preliminary planning for buying or selling a business (up to drafting of term sheet or letter of intent)

FAME participants must be NH SBDC clients.

Set up a meeting with your SBDC business advisor to discuss your current needs and to evaluate if applying for the FAME program might help you accomplish your goals!
If you are not yet an SBDC client, request advising, meet with your SBDC business advisor, and ask them about the FAME program. You'll be glad you did!

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