Creating Buzz: Small Business Marketing


Creating Buzz: Small Business Marketing

Creating Buzz is one of the most comprehensive courses on how marketing is actually executed in a small business.  The theory of creating buzz is that your primary investments should be time, energy, and imagination.  Creating Buzz is packed full of hundreds of strategies, checklists, and tips across the realms of network theory, positioning, advertising media, word-of-mouth campaigns, publicity, and, public relations.  From informal, easy to do tactics to full-fleged formal marketing plans, the lessons taught in this course are paramount to anyone growing an orginization.

192 Animated Slides - Approximately 3.5 hours (You can stop a course and restart from that point by bookmarking it.)


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Course Tools: 
Marketing Calendar
Marketing Plan Outline
Anatomy of a Press Release
Positioning Worksheet
How Important is Buzz to Your Business