NH General Industry Roundtable: Risk Communication - OSHA Safety for the HR Professional

Thursday, May 30, 2019 - 9:00am to 11:00am
OSHA Education Center
Suite 202
1050 Perimeter Road, Suite 202 Manchester, NH 03103


Human resources professionals play an important role in ensuring the employee’s health and safety as they are often in charge of the company’s health and safety program.  This presentation will allow the HR Professional to;

  • Understand the health and safety responsibilities of employers, managers, supervisors, employees and contract employees;
  • Implement, train and enforce policies to ensure that everyone in the workplace is aware of his/her responsibilities;
  • Establish effective ways of meeting health and safety responsibilities through employee involvement;
  • Ensure that OSHA standards are met including; incident / accident investigations, OSHA recordkeeping and reporting requirements;
  • OSHA’s complaint process and inspection priorities;
  • OSHA requirements for General Industry establishments with common pitfalls made by employers

Speaker: Andrew Palhof, Compliance Assistance Specialist, Concord NH OSHA Area Office