Cybersecurity Review Application

Cyber Initiative Reviews

NH SBDC and NH Tech Alliance Cybersecurity Reviews

  • This program is available for businesses with up to 500 employees
  • Cyber Review participants must be an NH SBDC Client.
    • If you are not a client, you must complete the Request for Counseling and have at least one advising session with an NH SBDC Business Advisor
    • Existing NH SBDC clients must meet with their advisor to discuss their cybersecurity goals
  • Eligible clients will receive up to three hours of consulting time with a cybersecurity expert. The time will include:
    • an initial meeting to discuss your company’s cybersecurity policies
    • the consultant will write a report and action plan
    • a follow up meeting for the consultant to present the report and action plan.
  • Clients may apply only one time
  • Clients are expected to attend all scheduled meetings with the SBDC business advisor and the cybersecurity consultant
Are you a client of SBDC (Small Business Development Center)?
Does your company work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?
Has your company had a cybersecurity assessment in the past?
How did you hear about the Cybersecurity Reviews program?
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