Resources for your business

Resources for your business
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Small businesses can no longer afford to remain unaware of cyber threats or remain complacent with inadequate technology. They have to take action to enhance their systems and processes to remain resilient in today’s online economy. 

The Cybersecurity Initiative provides a web-based training program that guides businesses through cyber planning practices based upon the 5 central concepts of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. Content includes the Cybersecurity Workbook below, webinars, blog articles and an eCourse. Businesses can also access one-on-one confidential advising from SBDC’s team of business advisors. All program offerings are provided free of cost to New Hampshire small businesses. 

Why now?

The Cybersecurity Initiative is brought to you by NH SBDC and NH Tech Alliance, with funding from the CARES Act. Data Assured developed by Delaware SBDC.

Cyber Initiative eCourse

An overview of cybersecurity preparedness for businesses, including mitigating risk, handling incidents, and addressing remote worker concerns. (15 mins)


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cyber initiative webinars

Recorded webinars for business owners and leaders focusing on the key areas of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover, led by NH cybersecurity experts. 


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Cybersecurity Workbook

Made specifically for business owners like you!

A major component of the initiative is access to the Data Assured program. Data Assured materials include an easy to use workbook to help businesses prepare and protect themselves from falling victim to a cyber attack and to help them recover from an attack. 

The material in this workbook equips small businesses with necessary information and resources to assist with foundational cybersecurity knowledge and practices. Fifteen other SBDC networks utilize this incredibly successful program because it has proven to work.


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Data Assured Cyber Solutions

Cyber Solutions

A list of tech platforms and solutions for a spectrum of cybersecurity and business offerings.

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Cyber Tips

7 Useful Tips - Approachable guidance on topics such as protection, security, education and encryption.

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Cyber Do's & Don'ts

A list of tech platforms and solutions for a spectrum of cybersecurity and business offerings.

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