Building Your Business - workshop series

The Building Your Business workshop series offers interactive workshops on essential business topics from business planning and management to marketing and financing. Topics are explored through the filters of design thinking, innovation, and rapid prototyping. Other topics include legal structure and form, and finding mentors, advisors, and the resources available to support new business development.


Marketing Strategies #1 - Where to start

Why Marketing is everything. In the first of 3 hands-on marketing workshops, participants will explore various marketing strategies and focus on the market research necessary to identify and segment their market. Topics include developing personas, user experience design and journey mapping. The business will be able to recognize and understand the nuances of the marketing mix, and how products, services & experiences are positioned in the marketplace, and recognize the prevalence & power of branding on consumer behavior. Businesses will be on their way to develop a focused, viable and actionable marketing strategy.

Tuesday, March 26, 9:30 - 11:00 a.m., Community Learning Center, Franklin Savings Bank, 67 Laconia Road, Tilton

Marketing Strategies #2 - The next steps

In the second of 3 hands-on marketing workshops, participants will continue to develop their marketing strategies and focus more on the market research necessary to identify and segment their market. Topics include how to identify the prevalence and power of their branding on their customer behaviors, how to conduct primary and secondary market research, and segmenting a market by isolating target markets. The business will now be better positioned in the development of their marketing strategy.

Tuesday, April 16, 9:00am-10:30 a.m., Enterprise Center at Plymouth, One Bridge Street, Plymouth NH

No charge, but please register 24 hours in advance of the workshop. Click on the date to register.


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Marketing Strategies – Bringing the plan together

Strategic Management – Navigating the hurdles & pitfalls

Business Intelligence - Strategies to add value & competitive advantage

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