Resiliency  planning  is  happening  in  New  Hampshire  with  small  businesses  and  local  communities  planning  for  challenges  and  the  future  by  implementing  concepts  of  resiliency  including  innovation,  building  networks,   practicing   inclusion,   implementing   cyber   security, and enhancing quality of life.

In  response  to  the  2020  Covid-19  pandemic and  its  impact on small business and communities, the 2020 – 2022 Resiliency Academy was developed. In a 2020 NH SBDC statewide survey,  only  19%  of  businesses  had  resiliency plans in place pre-Covid and 73% thought it would be important to their business in the future. Fast forward 2.5 years, just under half of respondents in SBDC's 2022 Small Business Survey say that their business has a resiliency or continuity plan. Among those who do, a majority  say  they  created  their  plan  in  the  past  three  years.

Resiliency Academy  programming  brought  training  and  resources  to  640  participants  through  live  webinars,  regional   meetings,   online   content,   and   community   visits.  32  hours  of  live,  newly  developed  content  and  discussion  featured  over  one  hundred  local,  regional,  and  national  speakers  on  resiliency  topics.  Funding was provided by the CARES Act.

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