Booming economy sparked a need for help at Laconia's TNT Electrical Contractor

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October 19, 2017

Electrical contracting is booming in New Hampshire’s recovering economy, so one can’t complain, but the resulting fast-paced growth for Tammie and Troy Mahoney's business sent them looking for help last year.

Troy explains his company, TNT Electrical Contractor of Laconia, had two serious challenges:  he was spending too much of his time on the day-to-day operations, and Tammie’s regular full-time job was keeping her away from their co-owned business. “I felt like my hair was on fire most of the time,” Troy admits.

Help was found, finally, at the New Hampshire Small Business Development Center and its business advisor, Sally Holder.

“Sally has been helping us now for the better part of a year and she is spectacular,” Troy said.  “We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds, and really needed to get a handle on controlling things.  We needed to keep it reasonable and manageable so that we didn’t get too big too fast.”

After an initial meeting with Troy, Sally paid a visit to the business and found some quirks in the bookkeeping and in the way QuickBooks had been set up for the business originally. “She was just unbelievable in not only finding the problems, but in helping us fix them as well,” Troy said. 

To solve the issue, Troy has now hired an additional office coordinator and a senior bookkeeper. This allows Tammie the freedom for her full time job elsewhere and alleviates pressure on Troy by having office coverage full time during normal working hours.  The bookkeeper can also do projections and budgets, which had in the past taken up a great deal of Troy and Tammie’s time.

“Our service department was going berserk,” Troy explains.  “We offer everything from changing a lightbulb to multi-million dollar projects, to retail fit-ups.  You name it, we do it…and with the economy coming back, we are finding that a lot of homeowners have been loosening up their funds for projects. We just needed to look at different avenues to resolve the backlog and Sally came up with a good game plan.”

With two employees now handling the office and the bookkeeping, Tammie can be less involved with day-to-day operations, and Troy can now concentrate on the big picture items - and there are plenty of those on deck.  Meanwhile, TNT is in the midst of serving the electrical needs of several large and small projects and has several large State of NH contracts. It’s been busy.  

“It’s definitely smoothed out now,” Troy said, “and we’re in a position of seeing where we can go next.” 

“I’d like to see our sales grow, along with the profit margins. I would like to see us continue to be an effective and efficient crew,” Troy said, adding that he considers everyone part of the TNT team, currently up to 22 employees, with several having been at the company for many years.

“Now that we know where we’re going and where we’re coming from—and I don’t feel like my hair is on fire all the time—we can maybe kick it up another notch,” Troy said. TNT has always competed with the bigger, top firms in the state, and now he says he continues to win contracts and gain recognition within the market.

“We just want to keep things maintained,” Troy says. Meeting with Sally periodically will help to keep things on track.