NH SBDC launches new Starting a Business and Financing a Business in NH online courses

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January 31, 2017
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NH SBDC’s e-Learning for Entrepreneurs program has re-launched new, updated versions of Starting a Business in New Hampshire and Financing a Business in New Hampshire, originally developed in 2010.

Entrepreneurs take 1,400 - 1,500 SBDC e-courses annually. Most of those individuals are New Hampshire residents, and only a small portion are SBDC clients. In other words, our e-Learning for Entrepreneurs program serves well over one thousand New Hampshire entrepreneurs each year that we do not reach with our one-on-one in-person business advising.

The Starting a Business in New Hampshire course is SBDC’s most-taken course, approximately 500-600 times per year, while Financing a Business in New Hampshire is our fourth most-taken course, at about 100 times per year. These new e-courses will get a lot of use!

Watch for Starting a Business in New Hampshire in French later this spring, as many New Americans in New Hampshire are from French-speaking African countries, the Ivory Coast, and Quebec.