Excell Mobile Distributors = Fast Growth

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January 29, 2016

Fast growth is the name of the game at Excell Mobile Distributors of Nashua.  Providing mobile devices is a fast-moving business, with new models being released every six months.  The company sells consumer electronics, including phones and tablets, to businesses in the U.S. and abroad, and direct to consumers online.  Its growth is fueled by the constant need to trade in and to upgrade those devices.  The company was founded in 2008 as a local supplier and quickly grew to become the largest distributor in New England.

Business New Hampshire Magazine listed the company as #24 on its list of the top 100 Private Companies list for the state, with an average of 56 percent growth annual growth in each of the last three years. This fast growth accounts for Excell Mobile also being named the #1 fastest-growing company in New Hampshire by Business New Hampshire Magazine. The company also made the 2015 Inc. 5000 list.

According to Amber Logue, head of operations at Excell, the company got connected with Hollis McGuire at NH SBDC in mid-2014 when they had a need for more financing.  Growth had been steady since the company was founded in 2009, a testament to the mobile device market and constant changes in technology.

“We were looking for all types of resources in the state, and we were seeking more funding, more capital. We reached out to the NH SBDC and asked if they could help us in our uncharted growth,” Amber said.  “In our very first meeting with Hollis we found great contacts to jump from.”

Hollis’ suggestion brought Amber and company CEO Eli Posner to Provident Bank, and the two organizations have partnered ever since. 

At this point, Amber says they still need resources to develop the core of the company, setting up leadership processes and working on the functional use of space. “We’re working with NH SBDC to grow the foundation of this company and to make better use of the space we have,” Amber said.

“Hollis is just an unbelievable resource,” Amber said.  “With her contacts and understanding, she’s able to see right through our questions to determine what we need.  She’s really helped us.”

Amber and her team have met with Hollis several times each year, with email conversations in between. “An exciting element working with a high growth company is not knowing which road will open up next in that growth path.  You have to remain open and aware for the right indicators and partners to help move that process forward.  I do not know going in to our next conversation what we will explore.  Amber is open to this growth process, and it is a privilege to work with her.”

With about 16 employees, the company had another record-breaking year last year.

“We’re so grateful,” Amber says of the NH SBDC advice. “It’s shown us that we’re part of the growing business community in this state. When you’re an up-and-coming business, you feel like you’re alone with your own challenges. But now we know there’s a supportive community that wants to see us do well. To know that our challenges are not unique; it’s just very reassuring and important to our continued success.”