Portsmouth's Blue Mermaid: Still strong after 20 years

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January 16, 2015

NH SBDC is celebrating its 30th anniversary by highlighting just some of the many small business clients we've had over the years.

Inside the Blue Mermaid

Scott and Karen Logan, owners of The Blue Mermaid Island Grill in Portsmouth, first approached NH SBDC for help with their small business back in 2004, when the construction of a new hotel in town threatened to disrupt their business. “We felt as if we were going to be consumed by the two-year project and needed to protect our biggest assets, the restaurant and the building,” Scott said.

The Logans say NH SBDC business advisor Warren Daniel provided them with invaluable guidance and support, not just during that tense time, but at regular intervals ever since. “We still meet with him and we’ve done two or three more business plans with him over the years,” Karen says. “He really holds us accountable and he makes us stick to our financial goal-setting, our recording, and just working with all the numbers, and that’s just instrumental for any small business.”

The Logans say they’ve now referred several friends and contacts to the advisors at NH SBDC and all have come back with positive feedback.

The restaurant business is always a challenge, Scott points out, but “we celebrated our 20th anniversary this summer because of the due diligence we became accustomed to while sitting down with the NH SBDC, and it’s what we need to do to ensure our success.”

The Logans are working on developing another revenue stream through commercializing the production of one of their salsas, which is one of their goals for 2015. “Come to think of it, I better give Warren a call soon,” she said.