Client profile: Capitol Craftsman and Romance Jewelers

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November 18, 2014

NH SBDC is celebrating its 30th anniversary by highlighting just some of the many small business clients we've had over the years.

Sue and David McCoo of Capital Craftsman and Romance Jewelers in downtown Concord first sought advice from the NH SBDC back in 1996, though they had founded their business in 1979. In the mid-1990s, they thought they might have to close their business and liquidate their merchandise. However, after implementing the advice of Bob Ebberson of the NH SBDC, they chugged along nicely and currently employ 15 full-time staff.

David and Sue McCooThe business returned to NH SBDC for help in 2010, connecting with Keene-based business advisor Gary Oden, who helped Sue and her management team improve the human resources side of the business. Sue sought to be more efficient and effective in that area, now that she was dealing with a team of 15, and she also needed to develop an employee manual and personnel policies.

Sue and David are hands-on owners of the company and their team includes many long-term members with the skills of craftsmen. They’re now serving the children and grandchildren of many of their long-time customers. Their line-up of products includes hand-crafted jewelry, and gift items such as handbags and pottery. Capital Craftsman also provides jewelry cleaning and appraisal services.

The pair were very familiar with another Concord retailer--the Viking House--and when that business was about to close in early 2013, Sue decided she'd try her hand at running that, as well. She's not Scandinavian, but had been friends with the original owners of the store for years. Having tried a bit of semi-retirment before that, Sue admits she was ready for another challenge. Today, the Viking House continues in operation, directly across the street from the Capitol Craftsman store.