RAS-Tech brought a "green" product to market with help from NH SBDC

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October 17, 2014

Employee at RAS-TEchThe RAS-Tech company employees 10 people at its Brentwood, New Hampshire factory, where its founder, Tom Zickell, chose to locate what was a one-of-kind business at the time in 2007. The company takes used asphalt and keeps it out of landfills by turning it into materials to be used in manufacturing and other products. Some 10 million tons of non-biodegradable asphalt roofing ends up in landfills, something Zickell recognized as a serious environmental issue. Through his company's five main product lines now, RAS-Tech keeps at least some of that asphalt out of landfills. For example, former asphalt roofing shingles are turned into pavement in our state’s roads. 

In 2012, Zickell worked with NH SBDC business advisor Hollis McGuire who helped him submit an application to the Green Launching Pad, a University of New Hampshire initiative to get “green” product ideas to the marketplace. The company received funding from this program, one of only three companies in the state to do so that year.  “[Hollis] was of great help to us and we wouldn't have received the grant without her support,” Zickell says.

Zickell also received help in getting connected to the federal government’sSmall Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.  The SBIR program is a competitive awards program that enables companies to fund the research and development phase of high tech products and, ultimately, turns an idea like reclaimed asphalt into a commercialized product. Click through to learn more about RAS-Tech: http://www.ras-tech.com/