Angel Investors, Private Equity Funding & Venture Capital Firms

Depending upon the type of business you are starting or operating, and on the amount of money needed to start and keep going, equity financing may be the best way for you to obtain all or some of the money needed.

Equity financing is an investment by somebody else in your business. This may include your friends and family members, other individuals who have the means to invest or venture capital groups which make it their business to invest in other businesses for the substantial gain they may get in return.

Angel investors are private individuals or an organized group of individuals who are accredited and agree to invest in a business in exchange for convertible debt or a share of ownership in the company. They often have a personal interest in the business, either because of the type of business, their own values, or who it is that is seeking the investment.

Venture capital firms are a group of individuals who invest in businesses and do so in order to see financial gain. There are two venture capital firms operating in the state of New Hampshire.

This PDF, provided by the Business NH Magazine, includes all of the angel investors and venture capital firms operating in the state of New Hampshire.

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